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Retail & Commercial Maintenance Solutions

Retail & Commercial Maintenance Solutions

Metro Maintenance Solutions knows how important it is to convert window shoppers to paying customers and to move inventory off your shelves. We ensure that your business is always looking its best with our cost-effective maintenance programs and crews available 24/7 to take care of any equipment or facility malfunction as quickly as possible.

Retail Maintenance Services You Can Rely On

Metro Maintenance Solutions provides services to stand-alone stores and big box stores alike, malls, nightclubs, and more. We work to enhance your image by taking preventative measures, like inspecting equipment for signs of wear or failing components. We service equipment as needed, measuring either by usage or manufacturer recommendations. After maintenance and repairs, our technicians provide an in-depth report on equipment conditions, analyze equipment failure, and discuss future prevention.


Customers may not realize how much work and effort goes into maintaining a functional well-kept business, but Metro Maintenance does. For your convenience, we offer a vast range of services to handle any issues that may occur or to help you expand your business, whether adding on to your existing location or moving to a new one.


We install doors, restroom partitions, storefronts, flooring, and plumbing. Repairs include doors, storefronts, flooring, building exteriors, plumbing, appliances, fencing, and loading docks. We take care of landscaping, snow removal, irrigation systems, pest control, and other seasonal maintenance as need be when the weather changes.

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