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Industrial Maintenance Solutions

Our industrial maintenance teams work in the field to handle your needs as quickly as possible, whether to get your critical broken or malfunctioning equipment going again or to support scheduled downtime. We specialize in industrial maintenance, conveyor repair, and overhead door repair, but our industrial services aren’t limited to those services. Others include equipment repairs, installation, and adjustment, to name a few.

Industrial Maintenance Services You Can Rely On

Industrial Maintenance Services You Can Rely On

Metro Maintenance Solutions has been Atlanta’s trusted industrial and commercial maintenance solution for over ten years. Our industrial teams are available 24/7 for equipment maintenance, installation, or repair and can be onsite within 4 hours.


We provide conveyor system repair, overhead door repair, and maintenance, but our services don’t end there. We cater to your needs and provide exactly what services you want. Other services we offer include plant maintenance, installation and relocation, and repairs of all process and manufacturing equipment. In addition to the physical element of industrial maintenance, we also offer facility safety consultations.

Metro Maintenance Solutions has teams of welders, millwrights, mechanics, carpenters, and more who are ready to support your operation. The welders are certified and provide fabrication for all your needs, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, structural steel, sheet metal, aluminum, and chrome alloy. The millwrights and mechanics safely move, assemble, and install machinery, taking special care with exact positioning and rigging. They also dismantle, move, and overhaul equipment and machinery.

We provide equipment repair services to many local industries. Services include repairing bearing bores, repairing/replacing worn shafts and production equipment, repairing hydraulic systems, removing broken bolts, and much more.



Skilled millwrights provide precision machinery installation, repair, and maintenance, ensuring optimal industrial operations.


Process Piping

Process piping experts ensure efficient fluid transport, maintenance, and safety compliance, which is vital for industrial operations.


Machinery Setup & Alignment

Machinery setup and alignment experts ensure precise installation, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability for industrial clients.


Fabrication Services

Fabrication services offer custom solutions, ensuring efficient repairs and modifications, bolstering industrial operations.


General Facility Maintenance

General facility maintenance ensures ongoing upkeep, addressing various needs to sustain smooth operations and compliance for industrial clients.


Chemical Manufacturers

Specialized maintenance services tailored for chemical manufacturers, ensuring safety, compliance, and optimal performance of critical equipment and processes..

Our Clients


From Our Clients

I can’t say enough about the way I was treated. I had a small problem that most companies would not pay attention to, but they followed through in researching the parts I needed and fixed my issue. I strongly recommend Metro Maintenance for all your industrial repairs.

Robin L.

Metro Maintenance is hands down my favorite company to work with. They are 100% reliable and go above and beyond in everything they do. I highly recommend using it for all your maintenance needs.

Judy G.

Our company manages commercial facilities throughout the country. Metro Maintenance is one of our top vendors and has been for several years. Always provides quality service, very responsive, and always willing to help. I would highly recommend them.

Kyle M.